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The Elder Scrolls Online: First Impressions Part One

Greetings friends! Jay here with a small (lol.) post about Bethesda’s newest addition to The Elder Scrolls family: The Elder Scrolls Online.

As many of you may know, TESO has been officially out for about a couple of weeks now. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to give it a try, read on and perhaps this will help you decide. :)

After installing and patching the game, (which took roughly 2 and a half hours) I was ready to bask in the glory which is TESO. Being a HUGE Skyrim fan/addict, I had high expectations for this game and believe me, I was not let down the least bit.


I don’t wanna completely ruin the experience for everyone, so I will just quickly go through the tutorial. Just like your typical Elder Scrolls game, you start off in a prison cell with no idea how you friggin’ got there. You manage to escape with the help of some random Argonian, and a mysterious figure known as “The Prophet” guides you through the basic controls, and also sheds some light on how you get there. Along the way you learn the basics of combat. After an epic battle with a super-creepy looking giant skeleton-thingy, you eventually make your way to one of the three starting zones, depending on which faction you chose to side with.


I was just getting to that! One of the first things that actually caught my attention with TESO is the graphic quality. While it wasn’t as extravagant as the vomit-inducing wonderfulness of Skyrim, it is still able to hold out on its own. The lighting and shaders are actually quite impressive, and the character models and textures are highly detailed for an MMO. I’ve heard quite a few people voice their disappointments when it comes to the graphical quality of the game, and while understandable, you have to keep in mind that it is an MMO, and not everyone has a $5000 machine that could run it at that quality.

One of my favourite things about TESO is the flexibility they allow you to have with your character class. While you are limited to the type of skills and spells that are unique to the class you have chosen, there are so many skill and spell combinations for you to choose that allow you a certain type of freedom that not every MMO can offer. Even if you choose to be a Sorcerer, you can still specialize in using a two-hander and medium armor if you decide that it floats your boat. Or how about a Nightshade with a sword and shield, and be a life-stealing, plate-wearing tank? So many choices! Whatever you decide, your character will most certainly feel very unique to your play style and what YOU like, not what the standard, cookie-cutter build is popular at the time.

For part two, I will go over the crafting and questing systems, and some of the world boss events. Toodles for now!

<3 Jay


So… after a long hiatus, I have returned! (It’s Jay… the other guy lol.) I LOVE YOU TOM.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Outlast for PC for a bit now, and for all of you horror survival fans out there, please give this game a try. Call me chickenshit for not being able to play this for longer than 30 minutes at a time, but there’s just something unnerving about playing a survival game where you have NO FUCKING WEAPON. You have a stupid camera, and that’s it. (Amnesia, anyone?) Anyway, it’s still creepy as fuck and awesome. So please give it a try! Many moar poasts to come!

<3 Jay

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